Nicorette Invisipatch

Contribution: Directing / Producing

Taking inspiration from the Hamlet cigar adverts of yore, this batch of vignettes follows our hero through a number of calamities in his daily life. Luckily for him he’s got his Invisipatch on or he’d be reaching for his pack of cigarettes. I directed and co-produced the spots which were shot on RED. Alaxander Perkins, the star, nailed every one on the first take, bar one, which was only because of a mis-timed bonnet shake. I was not involved in the post production and was never really happy with how the final product turned out, so I've only posted the original greenscreen version for your perusal, no sound or mattes. Some great lighting from DoP Trevor Henen and his crew, top-notch performance from Mr Perkins and Art Direction and make-up by Imogen Adams.

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