Doritos Good To Share

Contribution: Directing / Producing

Production Company: Figure 29

One man goes to extreme lengths to share his love of Doritos.

This video was our entry into this year's Doritos 'King of Ads' competition. The original idea, conceived by DoP Trevor Henen, was to cover a man in Doritos, take him down the beach and let seagulls attack him. Unfortunately the gulls decided just to follow us and pick up the leftovers... it wasn't until we got to the pier that the concept all came together; people attacked him instead. The highlight of all this for me? Sticking over 1000 individual Doritos to a jump suit. Director - Neil Pymer, Producer - Imogen Adams, Director of Photography - Trevor Henen, Editing - Ben Foakes, Music - Jefferson Davis, Starring - Mark Sharman.

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