1. Film & Video
  2. New Media & Interactive
  3. Design
  4. Photography
  5. Music
  6. Writing

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1. Film & Video

After directing my first viral video I realised that film making was something I wanted to persue more passionately. Since then I have directed and produced several viral campaigns, a short film and music video. I'm continuing to learn the whole process of the craft through pre-production, scriptwriting, directing, editing and post-production. To see more of my videos check my Vimeo page. I am a part of the creative team at Fig.29; a production company collective consisting of producers, directors, DoP's and other film making talent.

Tomorrow's Day Music Video
Marden Hill Short Film
Nicorette Inhalator Campaign
Mercury Man
Doritos Good To Share Advert
Domino State Live Promo
Nicorette Invisipatch Campaign
Regaine Hairforce Interviews

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2. New Media & Interactive

Throughout the years I've worked on numerous new media, cross-media, viral, interactive and social media campaigns. I've provided creative strategy and direction for media-rich websites, microsites, flash games, banners, video virals and online content for some of the biggest entertainment clients in the UK. Below is a small selection of some of those projects including an archive of some older ones.

MTV Fur Online Campaign
Final Fantasy VIII Viral
Harper Collins Tollins Campaign
Flucamp Cross-media Campaign
Sky Internal Mailing System
Minyuns Mobile Game
ITV Online Campaigns
Postcard Teas E-Commerce Website
Interactive Archive

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3. Design

Good design is very important to me. Colour palettes, fonts, spacing and layout are things I obsess about on a daily basis. Simple, effective design with clever use of iconographic detail and minimal colour pallettes inspire me. I enjoy designing myself, but especially enjoy working with creative teams of art directors, designers, typographers and illustrators to develop innovative design solutions.

Glue Music Cover Designs
We, Like You Branding
Design For Music Archive
Milkrun Branding
Paradox Music Cover Art
Logo Designs

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4. Photography

I don't undertake photography professionally, but it is something I have enjoyed doing since I was about 8 years old when I joined the school camera club and visited the dark room for the first time. My first camera was a trusty Canon AE1 which I still get out on occasion; it was the start of my fascianation with photographs and the technology that takes them. My photography informs all of my work in some shape or form especially design and film making. Below is a very small selection of some recent pictures, more from the archives coming soon...

San Francisco

Pictures from San Francisco (18 photos).

Photo Archive

Some random photos from my archive in no particular order. Check back for some more sets soon (30 photos).

Postcards From Andromeda

A series of abstract photos which evoke my early unconscious memories of watching science fiction movies as a child (9 photos).

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5. Music

Music is a huge passion of mine. I enjoy listening to it, making it and talking about it. Generally these days it only takes the form of a hobby, but if there were more hours in the day I'd spend them making music. Professionally I have produced projects for film, adverts, voiceovers and remixed and produced music for other artists. I've also promoted live music events, held at multiple venues and festivals across the UK and abroad, working with some of the most exciting names in British music. Currently I'm working on an EP to be released on Glue Music and working on the sound design of my short film Marden Hill.

Event Promotion
Music Production
Other Music Projects

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6. Writing

Currently much of my professional writing is documenting creative ideas for pitches to be presented to cleints. I have also written scripts for virals, radio adverts and copy for numerous corporate and creative client websites. Currently I'm persuing more creative forms of writing; having written scripts for short films, I'm having a go at developing a full length feature film script. Watch this space!

Writing Examples

To download a PDF with examples of my writing click here.

Marden Hill Screenplay

To download the full PDF screenplay of produced short film Marden Hill, click here

Switch Screenplay

To download the full PDF screenplay of un-produced short film Switch, click here